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Restaurant Jokes Category:

All our jokes listing within the Restaurant jokes category are listed below. Click on any of the items to view the full joke.

1.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
"Can I have some two-handed cheese, please?" a man in a restaurant asked the waiter. "What do you mean, two-handed chees... more

2.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
"What flavors of ice cream do you have?" inquired the customer."Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate," answered the new wa... more

3.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
"Whats the matter with your dinner ?""Can you describe it for me please in case I need to tell my doctor later what Ive... more

4.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
A man and his girlfriend were out to dinner one night. The waiter tells them the nights special is chicken almondine and... more

5.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
A man walks into a Chinese restaurant but is told by theMaitred that there will be at least a twenty minute wait."Would... more

6.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
A out-of-towner in New York at the height of the tourist season decided to revisit an uptown restaurant hed enjoyed on a... more

7.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
A panda walks into a restaurant, sits down and orders a sandwich. He eats the sandwich, pulls out a gun and shoots the w... more

8.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
An American tourist was lunching in a restaurant in China where the specialty was duck. The waiter explained each dish a... more

9.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
At our local restaurant you can eat dirt cheap - but who wants to eat dirt?... more

10.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
At which fast food restaurant is a hamburger happiest?Arthur Treachers Fish and Chips!... more

11.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Customer to friend: This is a wonderful restaurant. I ordered salad and I got the freshest salad in the world, I ordered... more

12.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Did you hear about the new restaurant on the moon? Great food but no atmosphere.... more

13.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Eulus stood in front of the take-out window of a Rawl-ins fast food restaurant. "I want two hamburgers," he said. "One w... more

14.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Girl: How much is a soft drink ?Waitress: Fifty cents.Girl: How much is refill ?Waitress: The first is free.Girl: Well t... more

15.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Have you ever seen a man-eating tiger ?No, but in the restaurant next door I once saw a man eating chicken !... more

16.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Hello? Freds Restaurant. Hello! Id like to know, do you serve crabs? We serve anyone, sir! Come on in!... more

17.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
How many cafeteria staff does it take to change a light bulb?"Sorry, we closed 18 seconds ago, and Ive just cashed up."... more

18.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
How many McDonalds counter girls does it take to change a light bulb?Two. One to change it and one to put some chips wit... more

19.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
I went to a restaurant that serves -breakfast at any time.- So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.... more

20.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Is your food spicy Sir ?No, smoke always comes out of my ears !... more

21.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Janes father decided to take all the family out to a restaurant for a meal. As hed spent quite a lot of money for the me... more

22.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Once a man went to a resturant and ordered an egg. When it was brought he didnt liked it so he informed the waiter that... more

23.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Patron 1: I eat at a different restaurant every day.Patron 2: I dont tip, either.... more

24.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Q:What did one plate say to the other plate? A:(Lunch is on me!)... more

25.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Sign at restaurant reads: Eat here diet home... more

26.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
The headwaiter of an elegant restaurant recoiled in disgust as a man in boots, torn jeans and a leather jacket approache... more

27.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
There was an awful fight at the seafood restaurant.Four fish got battered!... more

28.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Three couples are dining together.The American husband says to his wife: "Pass me the honey, Honey".The English husband... more

29.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Two little boys were visiting their grandfather and he took them to a restaurant for lunch. They couldnt make up their m... more

30.   Category: Restaurant jokes  0 stars
Two men were in a restaurant and ordered fish. The waiter brought a dish with two fish, one larger than the other. One o... more

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