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Doctor And Nurse Jokes Category:

All our jokes listing within the Doctor and nurse jokes category are listed below. Click on any of the items to view the full joke.

1.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
"Doctor, are you sure Im suffering from pneumonia? Ive heared once about a doctor treating someone with pneumonia and fi... more

2.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
"Doctor, doctor!" said the panic-stricken woman, "my husband was asleep with his mouth open, and hes swallowed a mouse!... more

3.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
"The doctor said he would have me on my feet in two weeks.""And did he?""Yes, I had to sell the car to pay the bill."... more

4.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
"What do you do?" a young man asked the beautiful girl he was dancing with. "Im a nurse." "I wish I could be ill and let... more

5.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  5 stars
"Why are you so excited?", the surgeon asked the patient that was about to be anesthetized."But doc, this is my first op... more

6.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
1) Why did the nurse keep the bedpan in the refrigerator?Because when she kept it in the freezer it took too much skin o... more

7.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A baseball manager who had an ulcer was in his physician office for a checkup. "Remember," the doctor said, "dont get ex... more

8.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A coffin was being moved when it fell off a wagon, and started down the hill. One of the morticians started chasing it.... more

9.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A doctor and a nurse were called to the scene of an accident.Doctor: We need to get these people to a hospital now!Nurse... more

10.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A doctor and his wife were having a big argument at breakfast."You arent so good in bed either!" he shouted and stormed... more

11.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A doctor has come to see one of his patients in a hospital. The patient has had major surgery to both of his hands."Doct... more

12.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A doctor is going round the ward with a nurse and they come to the first bed where the chap is laying half dead."Did you... more

13.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A man goes to the eye doctor. The receptionist asks him why he is there. The man complains, "I keep seeing spots in fron... more

14.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A man needing a heart transplant is told by his doctor that the only heart available is that of a sheep. The man finally... more

15.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A man walks into a doctors office. He has a cucumber up his nose, a carrot in his left ear and a banana in his right ear... more

16.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A man went to see his doctor because he was suffering from a miserable cold. His doctor prescribed some pills, but they... more

17.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A man who was very upset walked in to see his doctor. "Doctor, youve got to help me!" he wailed. "What seems to be the t... more

18.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A man, seeking to lose some of his excess weight, visited the local doctor.John: How can I lose twelve pounds of ugly fa... more

19.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A new arrival, about to enter hospital, saw two white coated doctors searching through the flower beds."Excuse me," he s... more

20.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  2 stars
A nurse had to take a patient back to her room after surgery. Woman was still feeling the effects of the anesthetic and... more

21.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A nurse was showing some student nurses through the hospital. "This will be the most hazardous section in the hospital f... more

22.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A pipe burst in a doctors house. He called a plumber. The plumber arrived, unpacked his tools, did mysterious plumber-ty... more

23.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
A young woman went to her doctor complaining of pain."Where are you hurting?" asked the doctor."You have to help me, I h... more

24.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
An old fellow came into the hospital truly on deaths door due to an infected gallbladder. The surgeon who removed the ga... more

25.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
At a medical convention, a male doctor and a female doctor start eyeing each other. The male doctor asks her to dinner a... more

26.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
Camp Doctor: Your cough sounds better today!Camper: It should, I practised all night!... more

27.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
Did you hear about the nurse who died and went straight to hell?It took her two weeks to realize that she wasnt at work... more

28.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
Did you hear about the two podiatrists who opened their offices on the same street?They were arch enemies.... more

29.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
Did you hear the new penalty for speeding in Illinois? The first offense they give you Bears tickets and the second offe... more

30.   Category: Doctor and nurse jokes  0 stars
Doctor Doctor I feel like a racehorse.Take one of these every 4 laps !... more

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