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Bath Jokes Category:

All our jokes listing within the Bath jokes category are listed below. Click on any of the items to view the full joke.

1.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
A man walked into a lodge in Yellowstone National Park. Can you give me a room and bath? he asked the clerk.I can give y... more

2.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Adam: How did Mummy know you hadnt had a bath? Eve: I forgot to dirty the towel, wet the soap and flood the bathroom.... more

3.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Are you going to take a bath? No, Im leaving it where it is.... more

4.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Boy: Dad, dad, theres a spider in the bath. Dad: Whats wrong with that? Youve seen spiders before. Boy: Yes, but this on... more

5.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Did you hear about the idiot who had a new bath put in? The plumber said, "Would you like a plug for it?" The idiot repl... more

6.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Doctor: And did you drink your medicine after your bath, Mrs Soap? Mrs Soap: No, doctor. By the time Id drunk the bath t... more

7.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Doctor: The best time to take a bath is before retiring. Patient: You mean I dont need another bath until Im sixty-five?... more

8.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Doctor: Your system needs freshening up a bit. I suggest you take a cold bath every morning. Patient: Oh, but I do, doct... more

9.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Does your brother keep himself clean? Oh, yes. He takes a bath every month whether he needs one or not.... more

10.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Dr Frankenstein: Ive just invented something that everyone in the world will want! You know how you get a nasty ring aro... more

11.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Hotel guest: Can you give me a room and a bath, please? Porter: I can give you a room, but youll have to wash yourself.... more

12.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
How do vampire football players get the mud off? They all get in the bat-tub.... more

13.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
How do you know that theres a monster in your bath? You cant get the shower curtain closed.... more

14.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
May: What position does your brother play in the school football team ?Jay: I think hes one of the drawbacks !... more

15.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Mom: Joe, time for your medicine. Joe: Ill run the bath then.Mom: Why? Joe: Because on the bottle it says "to be taken i... more

16.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Mum, does God use the bathroom? No, what a funny question! Then why did Dad say this morning, Oh, God, are you still in... more

17.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
My mother says I look just like an animal when Im in the bath - a little bear.... more

18.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Ned: Boy! Was I ever in hot water last night !Ed: You were? What did you do ?Ned: I took a bath !... more

19.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Nick: Can you tell me the way to Bath? Rick: I use soap and water, personally.... more

20.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Robot: I have to dry my feet carefully after a bath. Monster: Why? Robot: Otherwise I get rusty nails.... more

21.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Stan: I won 92 goldfish.Fred: Where are you going to keep them ?Stan: In the bathroomFred: But what will you do when you... more

22.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
The plumber was working in a house when the lady of the house said to him, "Will it be alright if I have a bath while yo... more

23.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Two small time thieves had been sent by the Big Boss to steal a van load of goods from a bathroom suppliers. One stayed... more

24.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
What animal do you look like when you get into the bath ? A little bear !... more

25.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
What criminal doesnt take baths?A dirty crook.... more

26.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
What do you call the ring that worms leave round the bath ?The scum of the earth !... more

27.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
What dog loves to take bubble baths ?A shampoodle !... more

28.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
What happened to the tiger who took a bath three times a day ? After a week he was spotless !... more

29.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
What kind of bath can you take without water?A sun bath.... more

30.   Category: Bath jokes  0 stars
Whats the difference between a peeping Tom and someone whos just got out of the bath?One is rude and nosey. The other is... more

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